How to Choose an Offshore Software Development Company

Utilizing offshoring, you may overcome obstacles by either integrating talent with your in-house personnel or instantly finding the ideal match for difficult or temporary roles. Our ability to offer a variety of offshore Quality assurance services helps businesses to implement best software testing methods with an innovative approach. We offer end-to-end solutions that meet utmost quality benchmarks and integrate continuous improvements at all stages of development. Our QA engineers eliminate the majority of errors, and debug apps for a flawless and bug-free solution. Upscale your business graph and expand its horizons to next-gen websites or applications to seamlessly address bespoke ecommerce requirements, attract new visitors, increase conversion rate, and generate sales. Our offshore software developers develop connected platforms using the latest technologies that help different stakeholders to concede on our developed robust, agile, and responsive solution.

  • Before our offshore development company draws up a detailed roadmap for your project, you must create a list of development priorities in the short and long term.
  • Both territories fall under the jurisdiction of the Fed’s New York branch.
  • Your involvement in the project is crucial for achieving the solution you envision.
  • Augmenting your workforce with offshore developers is the quick and effective way to achieve targeted time-to-market.
  • That is why you should not only assign simple tasks to offshore developers but also share the whole picture of the project.

Particularly, BHSoft provides the best Odoo customization and Odoo development services to develop and organize your business workflow. In addition, we have built tracking solutions that help you accelerate your business operation. The vendor cooperates primarily with mid-size and small businesses in industries such as healthcare, retail, manufacturing, education, engineering, financial services, and more. Headquartered in Lviv, Ukraine, this offshore IT company has offices and R&D centers in Eastern Europe and beyond. This offshore software development services provider offers services, such as QA and testing, developing IoT solutions, technology consulting, and more. What’s more, this provider offers UX/UI expertise and has experience working with AI.

Advantageous Experience

Their professionals build solutions for businesses in education, financial services, healthcare, retail, telecom, manufacturing, energy, and others. Another company from Ukraine, it offers offshore software development services, IT managed services, AR/VR development, IoT development, and more. Offshore development services provide businesses with custom-built software and dynamic web and mobile applications and let them benefit from significant costs savings and business processes optimization. We apply our technological expertise, skills and knowledge to provide reliable offshore development services.

Offshore Software Development Company

As an offshore software development company serving customers worldwide, we consider it our duty to build high quality products that solve business problems and provide real value. We’re proud to say that our customers are consistently satisfied with our commitment to technical excellence, product thinking approach, and the tangible business benefits they have achieved as a result of partnering with us. Our client is a global insurance custom software development company (1.6M+ EUR in revenues in 2016) with the teams in the USA, the UK, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland.

Development Team?

Offshore development companies offer continued support and maintenance and implement upgrades to software based on client needs. Also, we’ll go over how you can use the right tools to manage your work with offshore development companies. Whether you are a start-up or an enterprise we will guide you in overcoming your IT and software related challenges with uncompromising technical solutions. We are here to provide you with recommendations based on current market trends and changing scenarios. As one of the fast-growing Nasscom accredited company, we adhere to the high-quality, industry best practices for software application development across various domains.

Offshore Software Development Company

Among their clients, there are over 500 mobile, fixed, and cloud service providers and over 1000 enterprises. Hire our dedicated team of QA-engineers and testers and enjoy a perfect solution. We build flawless software products constantly analyzing software behavior and performance in real-time and across different platforms and devices. Belitsoft provides legacy system upgrade services to increase the efficiency of your existing software.


It’s achievable owing to the plenty of web analytics tools, and the information you gather may help you make better judgments. It’s high time to consider what steps to take before the offshore software development process starts and how to find a reliable company. Working offshore outsourcing software development company with offshore IT staff, you have a right to wait for fulfilling contractual obligations that can be changed by agreement of both parties. Compared to recruiting a full-time software development engineer for a short-term project, this makes much more sense.

To fully understand the business, market, and target user audience specifics that a final solution must conform to and to meet demands in the long run, we must first research your line of work. That’s why we start with in-depth business analysis to make out the big picture of your role in the market, gather requirements, ask questions, and settle many other nuances. At this stage, we should outline further project workflow, deadlines, and approximate budget.

Something that sets us apart as a bankable offshore development company. Deciding on which offshore software vendor to choose takes time and evaluation. A good tip is to contact several companies to compare what they have to offer. Decide which outsourcing model fit best to your project, define your values (if you haven’t already) and see how it would match the values and services on the other side.

Have an Offshore Software Development Challenge to address?

With over 20 years on the market, Software Mind holds their well-deserved place among the best offshore software development companies. The company cooperates with clients from over 30 countries around the world, and has large R&D centers in both Europe and South America. Software Mind focuses mostly on custom software development and enterprise app modernization, but also has experience with AI, mobile app development, and BI & Big Data consulting. The company mostly specializes in financial and telecom industries, with some experience also in IT, gambling, and E-commerce.

Offshore Software Development Company

As your offshore partner, we will always be interested in establishing a productive and professional relationship with you. Use that to your advantage by asking as many questions as you can and giving the most honest feedback possible. Even if your project wasn’t all that defined at the beginning, these directions will build the concrete foundation upon which offshore developers can work and bring valuable results to the table. Working with the most talented software engineers from an offshore company allows you to bypass development problems more efficiently.

A Certified and Accredited Team

Finoit technologies received the ISO certification in information security management for the secure and best offshore software development practices we follow. Being a standard AWS consulting partner, Finoit’s list of services includes world-class technology solutions to global clients. Leaders across industries recognize us as a premier offshore development company for our commitment to quality, professionalism, and strong values. Hence, before signing the contract with the software outsourcing provider, regardless of offshore, you should spend time discussing with your business team. Then you also should develop a plan with clear guidelines and milestones in which you can protect your data. We offer flexible models that allow you to select the team that best fits your development needs.

Custom software development

It’ll make things easier when the time comes to implement upgrades to your software. A-1 Technology is committed to sustaining the highest quality standards through continuous process improvement. It takes pride in the fact that best practice processes in the software development industry has given it a most definite edge with new and returning customers.

Our Clients’ Feedback

It also displays the ideal value for money balance of the software provided. This way, the outsourcing model depends largely on the location of you and the company you partner with. If you’re from the US and you outsource, for instance, to Estonia — you apply for offshore software development services because the hour zone may differ. Our offshore software development services save business money in terms of development costs. Most nations, except for Western Europe and North America, have lower hourly wages due to lower living expenses..

Offshore development services is a great solution for projects that require specific expertise and high-quality deliverables that are hard to find on a local scale. DICEUS offers a full scope of offshore development services, helping you lay the groundwork for the initial concept, build a reliable design and technical foundation, and adequately deploy it in the required environment. Are you looking for a reputable offshore software outsourcing company capable of building sturdy workflow-specific solutions for enterprise use?

With offshore developers, you can turn your idea around quickly and scale your capabilities when needed. Many projects require either super-specialized technical roles or temporary positions that aren’t attractive for top talented developers. Or maybe they’re looking for roles on a custom software development team. We know how important it is to keep the workflow consistent and transparent.

By outsourcing talent management to us, you avoid the hassle of selecting, training, and deploying the right talent to work on your product. Our talent is deployed on client projects after a rigorous evaluation process that only 10% of candidates can pass. We offer decades of industry experience, expertise in state of the art technologies, and a commitment to delivery excellence. Our rigorous selection and training practices ensure that Cuelogic engineers are ahead of the rapidly evolving technology curve by the time they are deployed to your product. We can gather and organize a team of offshore specialists specifically for your project that can work based on the engagement model that fits you most.

Picking a good location for outsourcing is critical to the success of your software development project. You can use that time and resources to improve core business processes such as strategy, expansion, acquiring new clients, etc. We have entered the new era of enterprise mobility which has been made possible via technology advancement and its abridged cost structures. Now, what enterprises need is a differing strategy that clouts investments in the employee’s personal technology to form a more mobile, responsive and cost efficient platform for business. Partnering with us not only means great success for your offshore software development initiative but also contributing to a greater sustainability effort.

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