What is a Spiritual Malady?

One of the great things about AA is that it’s flexible – you can make it work for you, even if you don’t believe in God. So, instead of fixating on the parts of the program that don’t work for you, focus on the things that do. Finding spiritual malady a Higher Power is an essential part of Alcoholics Anonymous, but what if you don’t believe in God? You’re not alone – there are plenty of people in AA who don’t believe in God, or who have trouble with the concept of a higher power.

What should you not say in AA?

  • Unrelated Topics.
  • Controversial Topics.
  • Substance Use Behaviors.
  • Distressing or Traumatic Incidents.
  • Grievances or Resentments.

It is through the daily cleansing of perception through the process of the steps and the sharing with another addict that the addict is able to return to living as an integrated part of the whole of life. In other words it is the consequence of my fear based condition, this affective disorder. These emotion processing deficits also appear to make us more impulsive, and to choose lesser short term gain over greater long term gain in decision making. This mesh of negative emotions can link up fairly instantaneously I find.

I want to find a Higher Power. How do I do this?

I had many old ideas and prejudices that had to be examined and released. Is describing, essentially is referring to a stark void in our lives that we constantly attempt to fill with outside things such as drugs, alcohol, sex, shopping, or anything we can think to try to feel better. It is the emptiness we feel on such a deep level that we turn to self-medication in order to alleviate the sadness and despair that go hand in hand with. But in our quest to fill this void with any and everything we can think of, we completely miss that the only thing that can actually fulfill us a spiritual connectedness to something greater than ourselves. One way to think of a Higher Power is simply as a force that is greater than yourself. This could be the power of nature, the universe, or even something as simple as your cats or dogs at home – perhaps their love for you and the fact that they need you to be sober is your Higher Power.

AA was co-founded 80 years ago when Bill Wilson passed on a message of hope to Dr Bob, or Dr Robert Smith to give his full name. Now at least I can see how I react and can take steps to deal with it. I relate to my fellow human beings when I am not in fear or shame. Nobody wants to be out of control, to be teetering on the verge of the next disaster, the next moving of home, the next calling of the police, the next swirling carousel of unmanageabiilty. When things had died down and calm restored I spent the evening not in my fear or shame but in empathy and compassion.

What is the 3 Fold Disease of Alcoholism & Addiction

Conveniently, I overlooked the words ‘God as you understand Him (or Her’) ingeniously included in the steps. Receive weekly mailings to support your meditation journey and your daily practice. Find Addiction Rehabs is not a medical provider or treatment facility and does not provide medical advice. Find Addiction Rehabs does not endorse any treatment facility or guarantee the quality of care provided, or the results to be achieved, by any treatment facility. The information provided by Find Addiction Rehabs is not a substitute for professional treatment advice. If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction help is available 24/7. © 2023 | Find Addiction Rehabs Find Addiction Rehabs is not a medical provider or treatment facility and does not provide medical advice.

spiritual malady

I have known for about a year now that I had not grieved properly when I was seven after my mom died. I was told that was when I stopped doing anything creative, which is something I did a lot as a child with my mom. I am also an empath and HSP so that makes things harder, but I know now that loving myself, working through emotions and sitting with them and just letting them go will help me heal. I am also starting to be creative again in hopes that will help. There are a few other resources I am looking into that will help too, thank you so much for this article, it will help me so much in the future. Journaling is a simple but powerful way to process your grief and get it all out in a physical, tangible form.

Living on the Border: Reflections on the Experience of Threshold

This is why we need a satisfactory definition of what alcoholism and addition is? Rather than describing these conditions in terms of the manifest symptoms, i.e chronic substance abuse or, at times, vague “spiritual maladies”.

spiritual malady

I also think the issues are complicate because alcoholism have some many similarities to GAD, MDD, OCD, and so on. It is interesting that a common definition of “spiritual” as it relates to AA, is a sense of connection with others.


I do not believe I have the same spiritual malady as other normal people such as those people who were in the Oxford Group. What the book says is that the only thing that will solve our drink problem is a spiritual awakening, spiritual experience, attitude adjustment, or psychic change. The bottom line, a true alcoholic or addict has no power to stop, avoid, or control their drinking. Often people like us have some of the strongest will power that exists. Addiction and alcoholism are both a 3 fold disease, meaning there are three distinct areas that alcoholism affects and the reason you cannot stop drinking and using. On page 62 the text explains that“Selfishness-self-centeredness! It’s also important to remember that your understanding of a Higher Power can change and evolve over time.

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